Frog Rocker

by Livingston Seagull



First release from our new EP. Written by Livingston Seagull. Produced by Taylor James Carroll and Livingston Seagull. Mastered by Chris Vita


Our arms are love locked. But our heart strings will stretch to different towns. You will always be my, I don't like to see you suffering love, but this one's for myself. Like two linked rings are one, in this wonder world, we have our different shapes. I thought about you last night but I missed your call today, love, I need to fit into myself. I'll learn to love the part of me that won't fit in, Ill break away the bones, untie the ligaments. Ill see you in a year or so and I won't let you go, yeah your sleeping in my dreams and I won't let you go. We've seen storms pass and it tried our grip, fuck it we're still here. You helped me as I was hit so hard the shakes lasted a year, take the best, accept the worst. The longer I walk without following you makes the ground all the more steadier. There's no hard feelings here I haven't lost my touch stay close and take care.
The last time I had a timeout was in second grade. I grumbled, kicked and moaned, then I realized I like the time alone. I need the space in between to grow, to love, to love.


released January 25, 2014



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Livingston Seagull Seattle, Washington

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